What stands krav maga 36 for?

1. What is Krav Maga?

There are a lot of people who train Krav Maga in different organisations. These organisations, federations differ slightly from each other in the philosophical approach to train Krav Maga. But the basic principles of Krav Maga  are the same for all these organisations and federations : basic principles link 

2. Krav Maga 36 system

Krav Maga 36 is a selection of 36 techniques to defend yourself in a simple, realistic and effective way to most attacks and threats. It’s true that in some cases there are better techniques to defend yourself. Krav Maga 36 is a system to train your techniques to become a reflex so you don’t lose time in thinking which is the best technique to use, but to react appropriately and instinctively.

The original idea of Krav Maga was to train elite soldiers in self defense, knowing that they didn’t have a lot of time to spend on self defense.  Today the average martial artist spends no more than 7 hours a week in training in self defense. If you know that before a movement becomes a natural reflex you need to repeat it up to more than 10.000 times, then you can calculate yourself how many hours you need to practice before you can put one technique in your reflex toolkit of self defense.

3. My 6 Principles

 1) It’s better to train some techniques 10.000 times then to train 10.000 techniques sometimes.

 2) Respect  the law when defending yourself.

 3) Counter attacks as soon as possible (put pressure on your attacker).

 4) In defending yourself, target the vulnerable points of your attacker.

 5) Train your mind and body (awareness, fighting spirit, combat condition, stress).

 6) Train as you fight, fight as you train (one & multiple attackers, disadvantage position)

4. The author

English is not my native language. Any suggestions to modify my phrases in a better way are welcome.

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